About Stringer Cellars


Stringer Cellars was born out of a son’s passion, family support, and the desire to produce wines that express the finest qualities of the finest vineyards in California.

Little did the Stringers know that a quick stop in Napa on a family trip to the Bay area would eventually lead to them to starting Stringer Cellars. On that trip the eldest Stringer son, Casey, fell in love with the vineyards, wineries and wine country lifestyle and decided right then to begin on the path to becoming a winemaker.

A Passion Blossoms

While attending college in Santa Barbara, California, Casey took a part-time cellar position at a local winery.  With the wine bug firmly entrenched Casey quit school and worked in the cellar at wineries throughout California, Oregon, and New Zealand.  During his time in New Zealand he took formal classes in enology and gained even more in-depth knowledge and experience.

Slight Detour

When Casey returned home to the U.S., he spent part of a summer in his home state of Wisconsin where he met his wife.  This meeting changed Casey’s plans and where he would live for the next few years, but didn’t dampen his desire to make wine.

Winery Launched

To stay active in the winemaking world the Stringer family made wine in their garage from grapes Casey acquired through his connections with vineyards in California.  The quality of the wine was so high that they decided to start and build a winery in Wisconsin.  For a number of reasons they realized that making wine in California made more sense than bringing California grapes to Wisconsin.  The move west has paid off.  Stringer Cellars is now able to make more varietals than possible before and reach a wider audience of wine lovers.

A Family Affair

Stringer Cellars is a family winery with Casey taking the lead as winemaker.  Casey’s brothers Andrew and Tim, both help with cellar tasks, sales and marketing. Chip, the patriarch of the family, oversees the operation, and when it comes time for a winery event, all the Stringers love to pour and talk about their wines.


The Stringer family is proud to make wine from some of the finest vineyards throughout California. They subscribe to the adage, “wine is made in the vineyard.” Casey employs minimalist winemaking techniques, allowing the fruit and vineyard to show through in each wine—the last thing he wants to do is get in the way of the vineyard.  “We embrace the highest winemaking standards paired with traditional methods to create wine that can be both powerful and elegant,” says Casey. “This process is not the easiest way, but it’s the best way.”

Taste Our Wines

Today Stringer Cellars is part of Grand Cru Custom Crush, a state-of-the-art cooperative winemaking facility in Windsor, California, in the heart of Sonoma County.  We are open by appointment to taste through our entire lineup of award winning wines.  Please contact us to set up an appointment.

We hope to share a bottle of wine with you soon.


The Stringer Family